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Saving Account

Open a Saving Account with ABSB Bank which Provide various services & facilities at no extra cost. Eligible person/s and eligible organizations or agencies as approved can open a Saving Account with the Bank.

Purpose : Savings bank account is opened for the purpose of savings for future financial requirements. Interest is paid on the balance maintained at the rate specified by the Bank from time to time .

Eligibility :
The Account can be opened by :
•    Individuals
•    More than 1 Person jointly
•    Guardian on behalf of minor
•    Charitable / Religious Institution
•    Trusts, Clubs, Association
•    Local Bodies, Primary Co-op Societies or any other body
•    Staff

Rate of Interest : 3.00 %
Features :
•    Any branch banking facility at all the branches
•    Free cheques 50nos per annum
•    RTGS / NEFT facility
•    Demand Draft facility

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